Car or Road Accidents

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident then you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries, for loss of income and your medical expenses.
Our Personal Injury solicitor is experienced in perusing your claim. We will resolve your claim as quickly, efficiently and as economically as possible.

What will it cost you to make a claim?

Firstly, you have to lodge a claim form with the insurance company. Click here to fill out the claim form, forward it to us and we will then forward it to the insurance company.
Use our first free interview so that your initial meeting does not cost you anything.
In most cases we will cover most out of pocket expenses so there will be no upfront fees for you.
Our fees will be paid when the matter finalises and be deducted from your compensation payment.
At our first meeting we will explain how our fees are calculated.
We will provide you with regular reports throughout the entire process.

What is a motor vehicle accident?

We use the phrase ‘motor vehicle accident’ broadly. It includes accidents where you were injured:

  • When travelling in a motor vehicle
  • When riding a motorcycle (motorcycle accident)
  • When riding a bicycle (bicycle accident)
  • As a pedestrian (pedestrian accident)

The claim process explained

The first step is to assess your car accident and to decide if you have a viable claim.
We will then contact the insurance company and notify them of your claim. They will advise what their position is and whether the liability for the accident is admitted or not. We will have to collect statements, medical reports, documents relating to your loss of wages and other facts important to present your case. This will enable us to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company with the view to you obtaining your compensation payout.

Negotiating directly with the insurance company

Many of our clients have dealt directly with the insurance company and received offers of settlement. Then they have come to Michael W Speck & Co where we have negotiated a settlement for tens of thousands of dollars more than the amount offered directly to our clients. IF YOU RECEIVE AN OFFER DIRECTLY FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY, OBTAIN LEGAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.