Personal Injury

Personal Injury Claims

Accidents happen.

We can tell you in clear terms what your rights are and whether you will have a claim for compensation or not. If you do, we can tell you what the likely amount of compensation will be.

We have over 30 years experience in pursuing compensation claims, in getting the best possible settlement as quickly as possible.

We will handle your claim, protecting you from much of the stress which comes with pursing a claim

We have experience in claims arising from motor vehicle accidentspublic liability claims, medical negligence and workers compensation.

‘No Win, No Fee’

In many cases we may be able to offer you a ‘no win, no fee’ service.

This will allow you to pursue your compensation claim with an experienced Personal Injury lawyer, without having to fund the claim yourself. This gives you access to the legal system, whatever your financial circumstances are.

Speak to us about whether we can offer you ‘no win, no fee’ service.

New Legislation for Motor Accident Victims

If you have been in a motor accident since 1 July 2013, then new laws passed by the State Government apply to you. If you were injured in an accident since 1 July 2013 then contact us as soon as possible as new time limits apply to the lodgement of compensation claims.

The old law still applies to accident victims for accidents which occurred prior to 1 July 2013.